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Jennifer Czawlytko, owner of
webJENerations, has released an eBook for those hoping to start a web design business. The eBook, "Bizy Guide To: Creating Success in Web Design" is available exclusively at Bizymoms!

Marketing your business on the internet could be one of the biggest and most effective steps you take towards your business success. Since you have stopped by our web site you are most likely considering this step right now. Throughout this web site we will attempt to answer the most commonly asked questions and to help you feel confident in choosing webJENerations as your web design/maintenance company. Our client satisfaction is our highest priority.

As you can imagine, since the internet is still in it's infancy, it does conjure up many myths and fears. While most people believe the web is only for national or international businesses, we believe the internet can benefit any business, big or small, local or international. With the explosion of the internet, and more and more people from all walks of life going online daily, a business can not afford to overlook this great marketing resource. One of the common fears is being taken for a ride by someone you do not meet in person. Please be assured that all of our design and maintenance work is completed on a contractual basis so you know before we even start what you will be getting for your expense.

If you are having trouble justifying a web presence for your business, think about it this way ... if you had the chance to attend a gathering, at an affordable price, where you could be exposed to hundreds of potential clients and/or customers, wouldn't you go? This is exactly the same thing as advertising on the web, it is your "appearance" at a global gathering but instead of the potential for hundreds of new clients/customers you have exposure to millions.

Yes it is affordable, you do not have to go broke getting set up on the internet. On our services page we give you the breakdown of costs for various options for your web site, take a look at just how reasonable web advertising can be.

webJENerations does it's marketing almost entirely on the web now, our clients come from all over the United States, so we are an example of how a small business

can truly grow and expand to regions which normally would not be available to them through channels other than the internet. Find out more about our background and experiences by visiting our company page.

The most often asked question we get from potential clients is "How can the web benefit my business?" This is a very valid question and one that isn't easily answered. For large businesses the benefits are obvious since they are looking for exposure to large amounts of people and other businesses. For a small business the benefits are not as easily seen. Generally a small business has a much smaller advertising budget so they need to be more frugal in their advertising attempts. Having a web site fills the need for exposure to large audiences, the internet has seen a rise from 8% to 32% of the total number of internet surfers who are purchasing items online since 1995 and 22 Million Americans alone log online each and every day, according to The Pew Research Center. While a web site may seem like a large expense, you truly can not get this type of exposure anywhere else for the price.

But don't discount the exposure in your local area either, the sale of personal computers for home users is at an all time high, folks are going on the web to find what they need because they don't have the time to go looking around town. The Pew Research Center reports that 46% of all internet users are new users. There are many portals around the web which cater to helping web surfers find the services they need on a local level, your business could be listed there, with a link to your web site too. Simply request a quote and we will start you on the road to reaching all of your potential clients and customers no matter where they are located.

Give your business the benefits of the web now, while it is just beginning to explode with users who are taking advantage of the ease of internet commerce. When your competitors toss their hat into the web arena you will have the benefit of already having established a strong and productive web presence ahead of time. Keep in mind your competition is only a few steps behind.

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