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Bizy Moms - Owned by Author & Work-At-Home Mom Expert, Liz Folger. Bizy Moms is our largest client at this time. This site was originally created by the owner but has recently been completely redesigned by webJENerations. Over the past 18 months we have added interactive features to this site which have included message boards, chat, surveys, and polls. Bizy Moms now encompasses close to 300 pages, plus the many scripts which are needed for the interactive features and banner rotations. As you can imagine this site requires quite a bit of maintenance since new content is added on daily basis and links and images must be checked often to keep navigation of the site a smooth experience. Below is a small screen shot of the main page, in order for this graphic to load quickly the size has been greatly reduced, please feel free to visit the actual site to get a better view.

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Denise Tira Montoya - The owner of this site wanted simple but informative & professional for her design. Her needs were met with a classic business flair. The site has been temporarily taken down while the owner reassesses her business. I will have a full replica of the site available right here at webJENerations in the near future.

J & J Sportscards - Besides webJENerations original site, J & J Sportscards is the first site we created for a client. If baseball cards interest you or your business is sports related then this is a good site to visit. This site is not updated as often as others due to the client's time constraints but it is a site we are very proud of and will be hosting as a subdomain in the near future.

Marcon Engineering - This International Marine Supply company is moving their succesful business into the internet marketplace for the first time. We went for a very simplistic look which we plan to expand upon over the upcoming year as the utilization of the site changes and expands. The company wanted a very fast loading site which could allow current customers to order items online and give the company exposure to those who have not discovered their services offline. Watch for this site to change quite a bit over the coming year.

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Lang, Castelli, & Pocaro - This site was created completely from scratch and incorporates a web site replication program which allows exact duplicating of the original site for each new member of the organization. Members also have a private area where they can check their individual web site statistics. This site actually uses an amazingly small amount of server resources since pages are created on the fly by the CGIáreplication program. CGIáprogramming is a bit more expensive than basic HTML but worked perfectly for what the owners of this site wanted to achieve. I will have a full example of the site available in the future.

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