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webJENerations located in Abingdon Maryland is owned and operated by me, Jennifer Czawlytko. I pride myself on creating web sites for small and home based businesses throughout the United States. As you can see in my client portfolio those web sites have ranged from simplistic designs all the way through complex sites needing special features and customized graphic themes.

My company started out in Desktop Publishing approximately seven years ago with the name Jen's Creations. Within one year it became apparent to me that my talents could be better utilized in the field of web design. Through research of both online and offline resources, teaching others the basics of web design, and experimenting with my own personal web sites, I honed my skills and gained confidence in my abilities as a web designer. I then freelanced in web design for fellow business owners for one and a half years before changing the name of my business, and thus webJENerations was officially born.

webJENerations is run completely out of my home, a fact which I do not wish to hide and am very proud to reveal. I feel being able to

operate my business and be with my children is a win-win situation for both my family and my clients. All of my clients receive one on one attention which is vital to bringing their business into a global marketplace. Many businesses are completely unfamiliar with how a web site is created, what expenses they will incur, and how they can increase their possibilities of success. When a business deals with a large web design firm many times they feel as if they are merely a number and aren't quite sure what is going on with the big step they are taking in their marketing strategy. I feel it is important to talk each client through their web site's design, step by step, so they never feel they are in the dark or allowing the me too much control.

My professionalism and attention to detail has created complete satisfaction for all of my clients. As a result of my handling the design and maintenance of, I am featured in the site owner's re-release of "The Stay At Home Mom's Guide to Making Money" by Liz Folger. I also have been featured in several home business magazines and currently offer an eBook and eClass at for those budding webmasters out there.

3708 Mainship Way
Abingdon, MD 21009
Phone: (410) 676-8779
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