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webJENerations can provide a variety of services:

Complete Site Creation
Web Site Maintenance
Custom Graphic Design
Site Print Out & Presentation
Domain Set Up Guidance
Server Recommendations
Web Marketing Services
Internet Consulting
Work with CGI & Perl Scripting for Message Boards, Chat Rooms, Search Engines, Shopping Carts, and more.

If you are looking for a service not listed here please email us to request information on that service. Also please see our clients' sites for the features their sites include.

The cost for a web site obviously will vary depending on the features you wish to include and added expenses such as server set up fees and domain name registration (if you desire your own domain). webJENerations will guide you through the expenses and retaining a server and or domain once we are aware of your needs. To get a general idea however here are some of the current fees in addition to webJENerations design fees (but not necessarily paid to us):

Domain Name Registration: $25 - $70 for first 2 years (must be paid up front to Internic), $35 per year after that time period. This fee is required of every person who has a domain name.

Server Set Up: $0 - $150 depending on the server you choose, many are offering free set up currently thus the $0 as the beginning fee.

Server Monthly Fee: $10 - $50 per month for approx. 5 - 50 MBs of web space, once again depending on the server and the features included with your web space. We would be happy to discuss with you our own servers' options as we feel they are the best server on the internet, for information feel free to visit Adgrafix.

Subdomains @ If having your own domain is out of your price range consider your site being a subdomain of webJENerations, we offer several different options, simply check the box for subdomains on our quote form.

Design Fees for our services also depend on a large number of factors, such as, the client providing graphics or needing them custom designed, the number of pages needed, the necessity of forms and other advanced features, etc...

webJENerations will be happy to provide you with a custom quote, but we have also included some average costs below to help you in considering our company for your needs.

HTMLáPage = $50 per page
Form Page = $65 per page
Graphic Design = $50 - $85 per hour
Working With CGI or Perl = $85 per hour
Java Scripting = $50 per hour
Marketing Services = $50 per hour
Scanning = $3 per page for Web Site Clients
Banner Creation = $35 - $100 (more for animated banners)

A small business site needing 3 - 5 pages with custom graphics and one form page can expect to pay between $250 -á$400 for web design services, depending on their specific needs.

All maintenance contracts are negotiated seperately from the initial design and can be based on a monthly flat rate or an hourly fee.

All work is performed on a contractual basis with 50% of the full amount due at contract signing and the balance due upon site completion and client approval. This insures both webJENerations and the client are aware of all services included in the total fee.

Please feel free to use our quote form so we can provide a specific price for the type of site you would like to have designed. Just like our services, our quotes are customized to your needs.

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